Head of Operations

PlayPass provides hardware, software and solutions to the organizers of mass events to allow them to manage the events effectively and to enrich the event visitors´ experience.

We develop and support products that allow organizers of mass events to do efficient event management while at the same time enhancing the experience of the visitor in several ways.  We provide solutions for access control (including the necessary hardware and wearables such as wrist bands), cashless payments, crowd & crew management, marketing activations leveraging the capabilities of social media and data management/analysis.  We create the missing link between the parties involved at events: the visitors, the organizers, the retailers and the sponsors.

We are recruiting, for our offices in Antwerp, a Head of Operations who will be responsible for managing our global portfolio of  productions

Job description:

  • As the head of operations, you will be responsible for the implementation of our productions globally  by managing and mentoring our production team consisting of Project Managers
  • You are responsible for the overall coordination of all events.
  • You monitor the communication between your team and the client (typically a music festival promoter) and make sure deadlines are respected.
  • You manage existing workflow processes, manuals and guidelines (both internally and in the field) and optimize them where necessary.
  • You are the primary liaison between the production team and all other internal departments (management, business development and developers)

Essential skills:

  • Strong leadership skills that encourage teamwork
  • Strong planning, organizational and interpersonal skills
  • A methodical, logical and thorough approach
  • An ability to work effectively under pressure
  • Experience working in the entertainment business
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • A strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office (especially Excel).
  • Fluent in English and Dutch

Working hours:

This is not a nine-to-five job. You may also need to work extended hours, particularly if there are tight deadlines to be met or new systems to be introduced. You could be on call at weekends or public holidays. International travelling is part of the job.

Education and Experience

  • experience in project management and managing and coaching teams
  • knowledge and experience in production processes and techniques
  • knowledge of process improvement techniques
  • knowledge of business, finance and management principles
  • knowledge of human resource principles and practices

It would be great if you also:

  • have experience in project management in the live music festival industry
  • have a feeling for ICT

We offer:

  • An incredible, unique job and working experience at an exciting time in our company’s development
  • A salary to suit your qualifications and experience
  • Freedom to work independently, as long as you get the job done

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